An opportunity to find something real.

In today’s society, we often find pleasure in the small things that make our lives seem less demanding and tiring. Whether it be “door to door” Uber service accessed from your smartphone or dry cleaning that is delivered to your doorsteps, we live for the moments that are convenient and efficient. 

Why can’t dating be that simple? Well, it can. 

Through our matchmaking firm, CheckMate. We are your friends, committed to helping you find a partner who you can build a future with. 

Unlike online services such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and, we are actual people, not an algorithm, who will cater to your preferences. Instead of you “swiping right” or “liking” someone based on just a profile picture, we do all of the nitty gritty of finding your perfect match.

We want you to believe that you’re in good hands because we spend our time and energy getting to know you. Don’t be apprehensive. If you can download an app, you can trust your friend.